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The FAQ Page Schema Generator is one of my new JSON-LD Schema Generators that can help you quickly create the required structured data for your content to be eligible for display as a rich result in Google search. I have made these as simple as possible so you can generate structured data markup in a few simple clicks. You will not need any coding experience to use these and these tools should work on all mobile and desktop devices.

If you enjoy using these generators please do consider leaving me a recommendation on LinkedIn and if you run into any issues please get in touch with me on Twitter 🤙.

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JSON-LD FAQ Schema Code

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What is FAQPage Schema?

The FAQPage structured data indicates that the page is considered to have a section with Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and answers to those questions.

Schema.org has more info on FAQ structured data and at a Google Dance event in Singapore in July 2018 Google announced they will start using this in search. You can find Google's documentation here.

How can I get FAQ rich results in Google?

Google has started showing pages with FAQ structured data markup (Microdata or JSON-LD) with a rich result in SERPs (search engine result pages) and also reads out your answer on assistant powered devices(limited to Android phones for now) with Markup Action for the Google Assistant.

You do not need any coding experience to use this tool. The video will give you more info on how to use this FAQPage Schema Generator.

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Should I choose Prettified OR Minified version?

The tool will give you two version of the FAQPage JSON-LD Schema code. Either one should work but the minified version has a small advantage when it comes to the performance of your website. That is what I would recommend you use.

Will emojis and HTML tags work with FAQPage Schema?

Google does seem to accept things like emoji and unicode characters like strikethrough text but according to Google officially the answer section can contain these HTML tags:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FAQ Snippets work on mobile or desktop?

FAQ snippets will work with desktop 🖥 and mobile 📱 search results across all Google supported countries and languages.

How can I get FAQPage to work with Google assistant powered devices?

The FAQPage code generated by this FAQ Page Schema Generator tool will be picked up by both Google Search and Google Assistant powered devices.

You just need to install it on your page, you can check if it's working as expected by validating the page with Google’s Rich Result Testing tool. You don't need to do anything extra for it to be picked up by Google assistant powered devices.

What is the difference between FAQ and QA Schema Markup?

FAQ and QA are two different structured data markups that can be used on your page to get rich results in Google search results. While they sound similar they have a slightly different purpose.

If you offer a page where multiple users can submit alternative answers to a question think sites like Quora, StackOverflow etc then you have to use Q A Schema.

If you have a FAQ page with questions and a specific answer to those questions around the same topic you will have to use FAQ Schema. eg: this page uses FAQ Schema.

What is the difference between FAQ and FAQPAge Schema Markup?

AFAIK they are the same thing. Schema.org calls it FAQPage and Google refers to it as both FAQ and FAQPages.

Some other common names for this are FAQ Schema, FAQ Structured Data, FAQ JSON-LD, etc.

Looking for FAQ schema markup example?

Here is the FAQ Schema markup used on this page, you can also see this in Google by searching for "Saijo FAQ Schema Generator".